Clean Earth Projected to Process 13M+ Aerosol Cans in 2020, Breaking Previous Record

Hatboro, PA

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  • Clean Earth processed nearly 1 Million cans each month in 2020 and expects to reach 13 Million by the end of the year, setting a new Company record.
  • Clean Earth will be expanding capabilities to meet growing demand adding to the Company’s vast specialty waste network.

HATBORO, Pa. – (November 12, 2020) – Clean Earth, one of the largest specialty waste companies in the United States, today announced that its Clean Earth Aerosol Recycling System expects to process 13 million aerosol cans by the end of 2020, an 85% increase from the company’s aerosol can recycling in 2015. Leading the field in advanced, sustainable aerosol recycling for pressurized steel cans, aluminum cans, plastics and glass, Clean Earth has already surpassed their record year in 2017.

This milestone is a direct result of Clean Earth’s proven history of Final Rule compliance, health and safety initiatives and the Company’s one-of-a-kind recycling system technology, specifically designed to service all industries that produce aerosol, loose spec paint and other consumer commodity waste. Clean Earth commits to ensuring that 100 percent of each can goes through the recycling process, as well as to zero landfilling, carbon footprint reduction, no long-term degradation exposure to the environment, and cost-effective, customized solutions for every customer.

Clean Earth ranks number one among specialty waste organizations with 19 transfer, storage and disposal facilities (TSDFs) and proven technology that allows for efficient processing of aerosol cans. Clean Earth’s key to success is its hazardous waste facility in Morgantown, West Virginia that processes aerosol cans received from coast to coast

Nearly 3 billion aerosol cans are produced in the U.S. each year.  Morgantown’s sophisticated and robust processing systems are designed specifically to manage aerosol waste and Clean Earth’s network is projected to expand with additional recycling processing units by 2022.

“It’s exciting to have bypassed one of our core company goals this year for the Aerosol Recycling System, which was the processing of 11.4 million aerosol cans, by millions to reach this milestone today,” said Clean Earth Vice President of Operations Hector Sanchez. “Our mission for Clean Earth’s aerosol services directly align with our goals for sustainability – to ultimately go green as a company and for zero components to end up in a landfill. We’re committed to providing a 100% sustainable solution for aerosol waste for our customers and remaining a cutting-edge vendor with market-leading technology features.”

Clean Earth provides remediation, disposal, recycling and beneficial reuse solutions for contaminated soil, dredged material and hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, with the unique capability of providing a one-source, full-service recycling solution to handle multiple waste streams from a single customer. By turning specialty waste into recycling opportunities, Clean Earth creates a better future for all people, the planet and its customers.

Click here for a recent recording of the “Aerosol Recycling Solutions & Regulatory Update Webinar,” presented by Clean Earth’s Howard Ray, Business Development, and Wade Scheel, Director Governmental Affairs.

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About Clean Earth

Clean Earth’s vision is to create a better future for our people, partners, and planet by turning specialty waste into recycling opportunities. Clean Earth is one of the largest specialty waste companies in the United States providing remediation, disposal, recycling, and beneficial reuse solutions for hazardous and non-hazardous waste and contaminated materials. Headquartered in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, it operates a network of 89 facilities.  As a leader in the industry, Clean Earth has the experience and capabilities to provide efficient, effective waste recycling and disposal solutions.  Our vast portfolio of technologies and services touches nearly every industry that generates waste including energy, infrastructure, commercial, industrial, retail, and healthcare markets.

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