Enviri Derives 100% of Revenue from Environmental Solutions New ESG Report

Harsco Corporation (NYSE: NVRI)

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  • Company divisions recycled or reused more than 35 billion pounds of waste 
  • 90% of waste was recycled/reused by Clean Earth division
  • 87% of slag waste was recycled/reused by Harsco Environmental division 
  • Annual incentive compensation for leaders tied to ESG performance
  • Operations are safer, with 20% total recordable incident rate improvement from prior year

 PHILADELPHIA – (October 11, 2023) Enviri Corporation (NYSE: NVRI), a global market-leading provider of environmental solutions for industrial and specialty waste streams, derived 100 percent of its annual revenue last year from its environmental solutions divisions, a 38 percent increase from three years ago, according to its 2022 Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Report, which was released today.

“As the leader in recycling, repurposing, and reusing slag from global steel production, and in hazardous and non-hazardous waste management in the United States, we have a great responsibility to manage waste in the most sustainable ways possible, and we are doing just that,” said Nick Grasberger, Chairman & CEO of Enviri Corporation. “While we have made great progress on ESG, there is always room to continue improving. I am very proud of our commitment to making progress on our ESG goals while building a better future for our people and planet.”

Under Grasberger’s leadership, the company tied senior executive compensation to ESG results. In 2021, and continued in 2022, an ESG modifier for the Executive Leadership Team and selected additional employees who participate in the Company’s annual incentive plan a portion was implemented, modifying these individuals’ annual variable compensation by +/- 20% across several ESG dimensions.  The Company’s fourth ESG report charts the goals and progress of its comprehensive sustainability strategy, and outlines Enviri’s efforts to responsibly solve the world’s most difficult global environmental challenges.

Enviri was called the Harsco Corporation until June of this year when it changed its name to better reflect the Company’s commitment to developing and refining sustainable solutions to help solve complex environmental challenges. Enviri includes two divisions: Clean Earth and Harsco Environmental.

Focus Areas and Goals

As part of its ESG strategy, Enviri has defined four focus areas where it creates value for the business and positive outcomes for stakeholders:

  1. Innovative Solutions: Derive over 95-percent of annual revenue from its environmental solutions businesses. Recycle or repurpose more than 75-percent of the waste and by-product material it processes annually.
  2. Thriving Environment: Reduce the energy and carbon intensity of the Company’s operations 15-percent by 2025. Avoid more than 25 million tons of carbon emissions from its recycling and repurposing solutions from 2019 to 2025.
  3. Safe Workplaces: Achieve a Total Recordable Incident Rate of less than 1.0 in 2022. Demonstrate continuous improvement in its five-year safety record.
  4. Inspired People: Enhance diversity and gender representation on the board and senior management team.

Harsco Environmental 2023 Priorities

  • Increase proportion of mill services that provide environmental benefits to steel customers.
  • Grow ecoproductsTM businesses.
  • Rebalance its portfolio to be even more environmentally focused.

Clean Earth 2023 Priorities

  • Focus on organic growth opportunities, including growing the new Fullcircle Advanced Waste Lifecycle Program, a concierge service that carefully and strategically analyzes waste before it even happens.
  • Secure regulatory permission to begin per- and polyfluoralkyl (“PFAS”) destruction operations and both fixed facilities and with mobile technology.
  • Add treatment capabilities at existing transfer, storage, and disposal facilities.

ESG Key Metrics in 2022:


  • 100% of revenue came from Enviri’s environmental solutions divisions
  • 35 billion pounds of waste recycled, repurposed or reused by Enviri divisions
  • 87% of slag recycled or reused by Harsco Environmental
  • 90% of waste recycled or reused by Clean Earth
  • 691 million pounds of hazardous & non-hazardous waste recycled or reused
  • 6.5 billion pounds of contaminated soil recycled or reused
  • 700 million pounds of dredge recycled or reused
  • 517 million gallons of wastewater recycled or reused
  • 265 million gallons of fuel recycled or reused


  • Safety - 20% Improvement in total recordable incident rates (“TRIR”) from 2021
  • 12,000 employees
  • 7–year average employment tenure
  • 30+ country operations
  • 250+ sites/service locations
  • 69 Harsco Environmental ISO-certified health and safety management sites


  • 22% of board directors are women
  • 11% ethnic diversity representation on board of directors
  • 16% of executive officer positions are held by women
  • 22% of senior management positions are held by women

To read the full report, visit www.enviri.com/sustainability

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About Enviri

Enviri is transforming the world to green, as a trusted global leader in providing a broad range of environmental services and related innovative solutions. The company serves a diverse customer base by offering critical recycle and reuse solutions for their waste streams, enabling customers to address their most complex environmental challenges and to achieve their sustainability goals. Enviri is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and operates in more than 150 locations in over 30 countries. Additional information can be found at www.enviri.com.