Harsco Celebrates World Environment Day By Spotlighting Environmental Solutions

Camp Hill, PA

Harsco Corporation (NYSE: HSC)

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  • Harsco pursues its goal of global leadership in environmental solutions through innovations in beneficial reuse

CAMP HILL, Pa. – (June 2, 2022) – In recognition of World Environment Day, Harsco Corporation (NYSE: HSC), a global market leading provider of environmental solutions for industrial and specialty waste streams, today announces its continued commitment to improving sustainability and protecting our environment through beneficial reuse.

Since 1974, the United Nations has designated June 5 as World Environment Day to engage governments, businesses and citizens in an effort to address pressing environmental issues.

“Our corporate vision is to be a global leader of environmental solutions by solving today’s biggest waste challenges,” said Nick Grasberger, Chairman & CEO of Harsco Corporation. “The accomplishments of Clean Earth and Harsco Environmental further support our pursuit of this goal every day and our path towards providing customers with more sustainable solutions, giving purpose to Harsco’s present and defining our future.”

The launch of SteelPhalt’s carbon-negative asphalt product exemplifies Harsco Corporation’s commitment to environmental solutions in 2022. SteelPhalt is a part of Harsco Corporation’s Harsco Environmental division.

SteelPhalt’s asphalt products use 95 percent recycled steel slag along with bitumen. Conventional asphalt products use bitumen, an oil-based product with a significant carbon footprint, to bind the asphalt.  However, the business recently launched a new product that is carbon negative.

Called SteelSurf ECO+, the new product uses kraft lignin-based Lineo®, which is a renewable bio-based substance, to replace a portion of bitumen as the product’s binder. Lignin comes from trees and is supplied by GautamZenUK in collaboration with Stora Enso.

SteelSurfECO+ is also produced at reduced mixing temperatures compared to traditional asphalt. This reduced mixing temperature means that the amount of energy required to manufacture the product is lower. Ultimately, SteelSurf ECO+ is a carbon-negative asphalt product that delivers customers the skid resistance and durability that they expect. 

The new ECO+ range of products helps further reduce an industry leading low carbon footprint product range, that was already more sustainable than traditional asphalt due to the beneficial reuse of steel slag.

"Introducing the world's first carbon-negative steel slag aggregate-based asphalt using lignin binder product made from trees is an example of how Harsco continually innovates in creating sustainable solutions, leading the industry to a greener place,” said Martin Gray, SteelPhalt Managing Director. "The whole team at SteelPhalt is passionate about continuing our journey to become the world's most sustainable asphalt supplier."

To learn more about Harsco Environmental’s solutions, visit harsco-environmental.com.


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