Harsco Environmental an Enviri Company Secures Renewal Contracts with Ternium Monterrey and Ternium Largos Norte

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Harsco Environmental continues to solidify its position as a mill services leader in the global steel industry through the signing of three-year renewal contracts with each Ternium Monterrey and Ternium Largos Norte

PHILADELPHIA – (June 28, 2023) Enviri Corporation (NYSE: NVRI), a global market-leading provider of environmental solutions for industrial and specialty waste streams, today announced that its Harsco Environmental division secured two separate three-year renewal contracts with Ternium, one of the largest steel manufacturers in the Americas, one with each of Ternium’s Monterrey and Largos Norte manufacturing sites. These contracts, with a combined value of US $88 million, further demonstrate Enviri’s position as a preferred partner in the sector by consistently delivering high-quality services.

With production centers throughout Latin and North America, Ternium has been a valued customer of Enviri for over 50 years. Notably, Ternium Monterrey stands as Harsco Environmental’s largest mill services site in Latin America, and these new contracts further strengthen the strategic collaboration between the two industry leaders.

"We are thrilled to extend our relationship with both Ternium Monterrey and Ternium Largos Norte," said Nick Grasberger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Enviri. "These renewals highlight the trust our valued clients place in us as their preferred provider of industrial services. Enviri remains dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations and contribute to the sustainable growth of our partners."

As part of the agreements, Harsco Environmental will continue to provide a comprehensive suite of services to both Ternium Monterrey and Ternium Largos Norte. The Ternium Monterrey contract encompasses Slag Pot Carrying, Slag Processing, Metal Recovery, Scrap Management, and Raw Material Handling services. Meanwhile, Ternium Largos Norte's contract, includes Slag Pot Carrying, Slag Processing, Metal Recovery, and Scrap Handling services. These services are crucial in optimizing operational efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and promoting sustainable practices within the steel manufacturing process.


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