Harsco Metals and Minerals Becomes Harsco Environmental

Camp Hill, PA

Harsco Corporation (NYSE: HSC)

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  • Global Rebranding of Metals and Minerals Division Highlights Harsco’s Transformation to a Global Market Leader in Environmental Solutions

CAMP HILL, Pa. – (May 30, 2019) – Harsco Corporation (NYSE: HSC) announced today that it is rebranding its Metals and Minerals (“M&M”) division as Harsco Environmental. This new name and visual identity more closely align with the Company’s increased focus on providing environmental services and product offerings to help customers drive business performance and growth. The name change and new branding take effect immediately.

Rebranding to Harsco Environmental reinforces our overarching strategic focus and better reflects what the division is today, and where it is headed in the future.

Nick Grasberger, Chairman and CEO

Harsco Environmental will continue to be led by Harsco Chairman & CEO Nick Grasberger in tandem with the division’s Chief Operating Officer Russ Mitchell.  Harsco Environmental operates more than 130 sites in 32 countries and has 7,700 employees. It is Harsco’s largest division, representing approximately 65 percent of revenue last year.

The rebranding aligns with Harsco’s strategic positioning of its portfolio into high-growth and high-margin environmental services markets. The Company has made significant investments to grow Harsco Environmental, with a large portion of that investment relating to enhancing the segment’s capabilities and service offerings to meet the environmental solutions needs of its customers.

Harsco’s strategic focus on environmental solutions is underscored by recent transactions, including the pending acquisition of Clean Earth, Inc., one of the largest specialty waste processing companies in the US, announced on May 9 and the 2018 acquisition of ALTEK, a leading supplier of environmental and technology products to the global aluminum industry. Together, these strategic acquisitions are expected to accelerate Harsco’s transformation to a global market leader in environmental solutions. Harsco expects to continue to expand its environmental solutions portfolio globally, and to transfer and implement proven best practices across the division’s customer base.

“We are strategically transforming Harsco as a global market leader and provider of environmental solutions to the industries we serve. This rebranding to Harsco Environmental reinforces our overarching strategic focus and better reflects what the division is today, and where it is headed in the future,” said Mr. Grasberger. “Our suite of environmental solutions, recent acquisitions and future investments will drive revenue growth for Harsco in future years.”

At present, more than 70 percent of Harsco’s on-site services involve environmental solutions, providing its customers with customized environmental services and products that improve their business and environmental performance. Harsco is a pioneer in metal recovery technology and continues to invest in new technologies to support the improvement and sustainability initiatives of, and create value for, its customers.

“We will continue providing our customers with excellent services and outstanding products as we have for decades but, at the same time, we will offer more environmental solutions than we ever have before,” said Mr. Mitchell.  “Our customers want to deliver better business results and demonstrate stronger environmental stewardship. Harsco can help them do both. Our rebranding as Harsco Environmental aligns with these needs and reinforces our vision to better serve our customers, our employees and our communities with more environmentally-friendly products and service offerings.”

The global rebranding, which launches today, includes a new Harsco Environmental website (www.harsco-environmental.com), a new Corporate website (www.harsco.com), new marketing and collateral materials, renewed customer engagement plans, and an advertising campaign slated to begin this summer.


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