SteelPhalt, A Harsco Environmental Company, Earns Research Grant through Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF)

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  • Grant will support energy efficiency research into more sustainable asphalt manufacturing technologies

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – (March 31, 2023) – Harsco Environmental, a global, market-leading provider of steel mill services and products announced today that its ecoproducts™ business, SteelPhalt, has earned a research grant through the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) in the United Kingdom. The grant is part of a government effort to distribute funding to help energy-intensive industries cut their carbon emissions and energy costs.

The success of this project will differentiate SteelPhalt from its competitors and drive innovation across the industry.

Russ Mitchell, COO, Harsco Environmental

The grant funds will enable SteelPhalt to conduct a feasibility study on energy-efficient solutions for asphalt production. Asphalt production is an energy-intensive process fueled by natural gas, electricity and oil that includes drying, heating, crushing, screening and conveying material. The research will seek to identify ways to capture the waste heat in the exhaust gases and transform it into electrical power, with the objective of reducing the energy demand and carbon impact of the process.

“SteelPhalt is committed to driving sustainability in the industry through beneficial reuse and innovative technological solutions,” said Director of ecoproducts™ Europe, Martin Gray. “We look forward to implementing the solutions identified through this research project funded by the IETF to complement our ongoing sustainability efforts in our continued journey to becoming the world's most sustainable asphalt supplier.”

“The success of this project in identifying realistic solutions to reduce the energy requirements of asphalt production will differentiate SteelPhalt from its competitors and drive innovation across the industry,” said Harsco Environmental Chief Operating Officer Russ Mitchell.

SteelPhalt has long been committed to engineering more sustainable asphalt solutions. The company relies on steel slag, a by-product of the steelmaking process, as a main component of its asphalt products. Using steel slag aggregate offers a beneficial reuse opportunity to partners in the steel industry, preventing the waste product from entering a landfill and reducing the need to mine new aggregate for asphalt. SteelPhalt has innovated to further reduce the carbon footprint of asphalt production by using sustainable alternatives to bitumen, a carbon-intensive binder traditionally used in asphalt production, in some of its products.

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