Tosyali Harsco, A Joint Venture Between Harsco Environmental And Tosyali Holding, Enters Into Multi-Year Service Contract With Kardemir Steel

Camp Hill, PA

Harsco Corporation (NYSE: HSC)

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  • This is the JV’s first contract with Kardemir and first contract in Western Turkey
  • Reinforces Company’s intention to grow its footprint in Turkey

CAMP HILL, Pa. – (June 22, 2022) – Tosyali Harsco, a joint venture between Harsco Envıronmental and Tosyalı Holding, announced today it has successfully entered into a new multi-year services contract with Kardemir Steel.

"We see this contract as the start of a long-term relationship where we can grow and further demonstrate our capabilities in environmental solutions."

Stéphane Boissinot, Director of Operations, Harsco Environmental

Kardemir is a family-owned steel mill located in İzmir, Turkey, producing long products and profiles at three separate facilities.Kardemir owns and operates three hydroelectric power stations in Hakkari, Ordu and Van, two wind power stations in Aydın and Aliaga/İzmir and solar power stations.

Tosyali Harsco brings to Kardemir its expertise in safe and reliable under furnace digging.Kardemir is a new customer for Tosyali Harsco, and a first contract in the Izmir area in Western Turkey. This reinforces Tosyalı Harsco’s ambition to grow its footprint in all areas of steelmaking in Turkey.

“This Kardemir multi-year service contract is the product of Tosyali Harsco's performance in Turkey and unique offerings in the industry as a provider of environmental solutions and services," said Stéphane Boissinot, Director of Operations, Europe South, Eastern Europe, Turkey & SteelPhalt for Harsco Environmental. "Kardemir is an important steel mill in Turkey. We see this contract as the start of a long-term relationship where we can grow and further demonstrate our capabilities in environmental solutions."

“We are pleased to be working with Tosyali Harsco at our new melt shop,” said Önder Karalp of Kardemir. “Keeping our environment clean and our employees safe is a top priority for us. Thanks to their impressive safety record and experience in this content  we are confident Tosyali Harsco’s technology will help us to keep our environment clean and our employees safe while helping us maintain productivity.”


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About Tosyali Harsco

Tosyalı Harsco is a joint venture between Tosyalı Holding, Turkey’s global iron-steel leader and global industria company Harsco Corporation (NYSE: HSC) specialized in metal recovery services and slag sales. Tosyali Harsco operates steel mill services and slag sales on 6 separate sites in Turkey.  Tosyali Harsco processes slag wastes generated during the steel production, providing metal recovery and turning the inert slag into by-products for use in different sectors. Tosyali Harsco has a processing capacity of  more than 2.000.000 tons/year in Turkey. The company utilizes limited resources in the most efficient way with its “clean environmental awareness” and gives life to slag for a better world.