As a trusted global leader in environmental solutions, Enviri is guided by its core values and is committed to operating sustainably.

The Company showcased its philosophy surrounding the strength to transform throughout the year with meaningful accomplishments. As we enter the new year, here is a recap to highlight the many victorious divides of 2023.



January: Enviri’s Clean Earth Division Earns Fifth Certified Electronic Recycling Facility

Clean Earth, a division of Enviri, rang in the new year by earning the RIOS™ and R2v3 certifications at its Lancaster, Texas facility. Through extensive third-party audits, the facility’s capabilities of handling and managing e-waste were affirmed through these certifications.

Safety Improvements

February: Enviri’s Harsco Environmental Division Reports Double-Digit Safety Improvement

Enviri’s Harsco Environmental division recorded its third consecutive year of improvements in workplace health and safety achieving a Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) of .45, exceeding its 2022 goal of .62 by 27 percent. It is the Company’s utmost priority to ensure employees return to their families unharmed each night.


Year in Review - March

March: Enviri Celebrates International Women’s Day and the Launch of Enviri Women in India

Offices and facilities across the world took part in celebrating International Women’s Day by wearing purple, a day to recognize the strength, expertise, passion and innovation that women contribute to our world. Enviri also officially launched the Enviri Women employee resource group in the India region bringing its mission of the advancement of women to a global level.

Year in Review - April

April: Enviri Holds Annual Impact Awards

Enviri acknowledged the 2022 Enviri CEO Impact Awards winners and their outstanding contributions to a better world. These employees were celebrated for their unwavering commitment to Enviri values.

Year in Review - May

May: Enviri Recognized as a Finalist for PR Daily’s Social and Digital Awards for ESG Report


Each year, Enviri publishes its annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report to share the Company’s sustainability goals with the world. Along with the report, Enviri shared its’ 2021 ESG report highlights through a robust social and digital campaign placing Enviri as a finalist in PR Daily’s Social and Digital Awards in the CSR/ESG Communications category.

Year in Review - June

June: Harsco Corporation Announces Name Change Enviri Corporation

Along with the new name came a renewed brand identity to reflect the Company’s transformation over the past four years into a single-thesis environmental solutions company that provides services to manage, recycle and beneficially reuse waste and byproduct materials across many industries.

Year in Review - July

July: Enviri Announced Refreshed Values and Business System

After rebranding its corporate identity, Enviri was keen to announce its refreshed values. These values are the behaviors by which we measure ourselves and include: Be Environmental, Be Performance Driven, Be Customer Focused, Be Caring, Be Inclusive and Be Respectful.

Year in Review - August

August: Enviri Launches Thrive, A Corporate Giving Program

In August, Enviri was proud to launch Thrive, a philanthropic program based at Enviri’s headquarters in Philadelphia, PA aiming to partner with organizations in the community. Our community partners include Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS), The Franklin Institute, The Barnes Foundation, Fairmount Park Conservancy, Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation, and Mighty Writers.

Year in Review - September

September: Enviri Establishes an Employee Resource Group for Veterans

VetNet is a community within the workplace that is dedicated to embracing all active-duty service members, veterans and anyone impacted by past or present services. The group aims to support transitions to a civilian work environment while focusing on camaraderie and solidarity.

Year in Review - October

October: Enviri Releases Its Environmental, Social and Governance Report

Each year, Enviri releases an ESG Report that outlines our ambitions, goals and key performance indicators in the pursuit of solving complex environmental challenges. Enviri’s 2022 ESG Report does exactly that, while highlighting key sustainability stories across the Company.

Year in Review - November

November: Enviri Celebrates Compliance Day

Across our offices, employees sported their best green attire for Compliance Day, a reminder to uphold ethical standards. Many facilities held events to express the importance of fostering a culture of integrity and doing business the right way.

Year in Review - December

December: Enviri’s Harsco Environmental Division to Participate at COP28

Harsco Environmental was invited by the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais to present AgroSilicio at the 2023 COP28 Climate Summit in the United Arab Emirates. AgroSilicio is an eco-friendly fertilizer that is reimagined from steel byproducts and thus used as a calcium silicate-based product for fertilizer and soil conditioners. This was a prestigious invitation to showcase AgroSilicio.

In the year 2023, Enviri accomplished a number of remarkable feats that filled the company with a sense of warmth.

As we dive into the new year, we are eager to continue delivering another year full of sustainable and innovative solutions that benefit our customers, our people, our communities and the environment – for a greener tomorrow.